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Durable warning tape printed with ‘Caution’ is an excellent choice for marking construction and hazardous areas. Warning tape can be used wherever there is a potential danger to the environment. It sends information to passers-by about areas where access is restricted. Marking off a specific area with ‘Caution’ tape ensures that everyone is protected, informing everyone that there is a potential hazard nearby. The printed inscription on a contrasting background makes the message clear and easily visible, even from a distance.

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'Caution' tape is widely known and recognised around the world. It is most often used to identify potential hazards. In practice, the product is used by many industries. ‘Caution’ tape is used in areas where there is a potential hazard. An essential item in any workplace, it ensures the highest level of safety in even the harshest conditions. It is ideal for construction and industrial applications. This type of warning tape is commonly used in laboratories, factories, and industrial areas. In addition, warning tapes are used during the transport of goods. The inscriptions contain instructions for couriers and warehouse workers, helping insure that shipments will be handled carefully and safely delivered to the recipient. ‘Caution’ tape is extremely cost-effective and conveys a clear message. ‘Caution’ tapes can be used for temporary outdoor applications or permanent indoor applications. The tape can be easily tied, stapled, or nailed to posts, fences, and metal barricades.


These types of tapes usually feature a striking yellow background which contrasts with the bold black text. This makes them highly visible when entering a hazardous area. ‘Caution’ tape is made of plastic,which is easy to tie. It is distinguished by its weather resistance and durability, which customers expect from this type of tape. It is manufactured to provide a long-lasting, recognisable visual warning against outdoor hazards. This tape has high tensile strength and remains flexible even at low temperatures.


When purchasing the tape, please specify the desired background and print colours of the product in the order description. We are able to apply any Pantone colour. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we do not charge an additional fee for the printing die itself, which significantly reduces the total cost of the order. We offer printing on PVC, Hot Melt propylene, and Solvent polypropylene tapes, depending on customer preference. Various width options are available, depending on the specific use - 48 and 50 mm, in lengths of 54, 60, 66, 120 and 132 m.