About TCM Service

History of TCM

The origins of TCM Service date back to April 1991, when the company was founded under the name M Service. Employing only three people, the company specialised in selling products made by the well-known American company 3M. Just one year later, M Service was transformed into a limited liability company. December 1992 brought important investments, with the company purchasing its first printing machine. Just twelve months later, another was added. The next two years saw the dynamic development of the M Service brand, resulting in further investments. In July 1995, M Service purchased the machine needed for winding tape.
Two months later was a milestone in the company’s history – the company changed its name from M Service to TCM Service. The company and its production continued to grow, and in March 1996 the TCM Service machine park added a third printing machine. The year 1997 brought more projects. TCM Service expanded its production resources with a die-cutting and labelling machine. Three years later, in May 2000, the production plant was expanded with the purchase of a coating and printing machine. Further growth of the company necessitated new acquisitions: In June 2001, the company purchased a Kampf tape winding machine. A month later, TCM Service’s efforts to implement a Quality Management System were successfully concluded and the brand was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification.
The systematic expansion of the machine park, as well as growing customer demand, prompted the owners of TCM Service to form a relationship with 3M Europe in the area of technical tape packaging, which took place in May 2002. One month later, an automatic log slitter was added to the company’s production line for the packaging of technical tapes. Three years later, TCM Service was also equipped with a G&A machine, which is also used for winding tape.
In January 2008, TCM Service implemented the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, the main objective of which is to support environmental protection and prevent environmental pollution. To this end, the company has minimised the use of solvents in the production of tapes and introduced ECOSOLVENT tapes to its range. Annual investments in environmental protection also help the company ensure that its production processes do not have a negative impact on workers’ health. A month later, an innovative line for the production of adhesive tapes with printing on the underside was launched. In 2012, TCM Service merged with SABA, a manufacturer of adhesive tapes, forming a single capital group. Equipped with machines from SIAT (the world’s largest manufacturer of wrapping, box folding, and sealing machines), the TCM service brand focused its activities on expanding the production of flexographic printed tapes.
By 2017, TCM Service had seven SIAT machines, allowing it to produce around 1,000,000 m2 of printed tape per month. The brand currently has eleven flexographic printing machines, which gives it a production capacity of 1,600,000 m2 of printed tape per month. To keep up with the times and in order to meet customer expectations, TCM Service provides its partners with the MyTCM application to manage their orders.

About TCM

TCM Service is a leading manufacturer of printable adhesive tape. The experience we have gained over the years has enabled us to offer services of the highest quality in this field. We are constantly upgrading and improving our modern machine park, which is home to a fully-automated, world-class production line. Innovative equipment solutions and qualified staff are able to provide TCM Service customers with world-class products.

In addition to traditional packing tapes and technical tapes, we also offer printed adhesive tapes produced according to customer specifications. Printed tapes are the perfect solution for both manual and automatic packaging systems. In addition to securing packages, they also serve as an advertising medium. This is one of the most effective forms of brand promotion. Printed tapes have become an indispensable part of the activities of online shops, warehouses, and shipping companies. In modern business, packages are used to build awareness of your brand and enhance your company’s reputation.

We offer three-colour flexographic printing (choose from a palette of colours) on tapes in widths up to 150 mm. Flexographic printing is currently one of the fastest growing printing methods. It stands out for its high-quality and fast printing capabilities. Printing is done using a SIAT flexographic printer, which also has cutting and rewinding functions. The work cycle of the SIAT three-colour flexographic printer consists of unwinding, corona treatment, printing, cutting, and rewinding.
The next step is to release and turn over the tape when the desired length is reached.


With this machine we are able to print on Hot Melt propylene, Solvent polypropylene, PVC, and paper tapes. The graphics to be printed on the tape can be uploaded as a preliminary design using the wizard. The printing on the tapes may include the manufacturer’s logo or the brand name of the product. TCM Service customers can count on services performed with the utmost precision. The materials and machines used in our business are a guarantee of the highest quality. TCM Service products are characterised by high technical specifications and durable printing. Our printed tapes remain durable and resistant to weather while retaining their aesthetic qualities.


Printing on adhesive tapes

TCM Service is a leading producer and supplier of printed tapes. Thanks to the development of the machine park and systematic investments, the brand is able to offer the highest quality products. Experienced staff meets the expectations of customers, ensuring the highest standard of service. Employees offer professional assistance in choosing the right type of belt, as well as its dimensions. They make every effort to ensure that the adhesive carrier performs its function in the best possible way. At the customer’s request, TCM Service will adjust not only the appropriate type of tape, but als…

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Types of adhesive tape

Adhesive tapes are products made of flexible materials with a thickness of less than 1 mm. They are covered with a layer of glue on one or both sides. They are classified according to the type of carrier. According to this division, there are PVC tapes (polyvinyl chloride substrate), paper tapes and PP tapes (made of polypropylene film). Adhesive tapes are available in a variety of colors – from transparent to brown and even blue. They are used in sealing cartons, facilitate the packaging and storage process and are a tool for promoting the company.

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Why invest in printed tape?

The company’s success largely depends on its reputation and the appropriate strategy of marketing activities. Packaging tapes with an overprint are an effective tool to promote the brand. They are a very practical solution, especially in companies that offer shipping services. Printed tapes not only increase the aesthetics of parcels, but also, as an advertising medium, create a positive image of the company in the minds of customers.

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