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Duct Tape is a versatile tape that is resistant to moisture and temperatures as high as 60 °C and remains highly durable over time. Its benefits also include ease of use, which is thanks to the use of polyester and cotton fibres. This allows the tape to be easily torn without the need for additional equipment.


Duct-Tape’s wide range of applications


These products work well for basic repair tasks such as taping together and securing things. These are products which, in addition to construction or renovation works, are also very well suited for use in the HVAC industry due to their resistance to varying temperatures. Duct-Tape’s adhesive layer is made of synthetic rubber, which provides excellent adhesion. These products can also be purchased in 4 lengths.

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Universal Duct Tape, also known as silver tape, is one of the most versatile products. It can be used wherever you need to quickly and durably connect or seal multiple elements. It is often used to connect different materials. Duct Tape is indispensable in every household and office. It is particularly suitable for DIY enthusiasts as it is ideal for connecting, fastening, and patching various surfaces. Reinforcing fibres greater strength and resistance to tearing. Duct Tape can be purchased in 48mm width and in four lengths - 5 yd, 10 yd, 25 yd, and 50 yd.

Key product features

Duct Tape is manufactured from polyethylene with added fibres and an adhesive based on synthetic rubber. It consists of only three layers - fibre, film, and adhesive layer. However, that’s more than enough for a product with endless uses. The product is characterised by excellent adhesion and strength, even on uneven surfaces (it sticks easily to metal, glass, plastic, sealed concrete, and other materials). Duct Tape is distinguished by its versatile qualities. Its greatest advantages are its resistance to moisture and varying temperatures (up to 60 °C) and its durability over time. Its benefits also include ease of use. The tape’s special surface and colour mean you can write on it temporarily, for example, with a marker. The product performs best during the first 12 months of storage. The rolls of tape must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight and other sources of UV radiation. The product should be stored at temperatures between 10 and 25 °C, with ambient humidity between 20 and 80%. The product is environmentally friendly and contains no hazardous substances. They are produced in accordance with the European Packaging Directive.


  • Used for basic repair work, including fixing cracks in appliances, technical devices, tools, and taping up just about anything,
  • its resistance to varying temperatures makes it indispensable in the HVAC industry,
  • useful for DIY,
  • used for various types of decorative work.