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‘Fragile’ tape is used for the sealing and labelling packages of various weights and for identifying fragile objects. Thanks to its use, people who handle goods know that they have to be particularly careful with them. A clear message on a contrasting background warns staff of the fragile contents of the package. This is the perfect way to let the courier know that the items you are sending are fragile and easily damaged. ‘Fragile’ tape is suitable for use at home and in the office. It can be used on many surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and plastic boxes.

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Tape with the word ‘Fragile’ is ideal for sealing boxes, identifying fragile items, and ensuring the safety of transported goods. Such warning tapes are intended to secure shipments, and often to remind recipients to check the contents of packages in the presence of the courier. Visible from a distance, the print on the tape quickly alerts employees, shippers, and customers to a fragile product and helps protect against damage. Tape with the word ‘Fragile’ performs well in a wide range of temperatures, giving you peace of mind that your shipment will be adequately protected. No matter how well the packages are packed, it won’t hurt to warn the courier about the fragile contents. In fact, it is an advisable and commonly applied practice, and this type of tape is one of the most effective ways to do so.


Warning tapes can be used both for marking contents and as standard packing tapes, so there is no need for other tapes. When clearly printed, the word ‘Fragile’ will inform the staff that the contents of the boxes are fragile. This will ensure that the valuable goods being transported are treated with care and arrive at their destination undamaged. Warning tape helps to reduce the likelihood that important and sensitive items are damaged during their journey, avoiding costly consequences.


High-quality tape with the word ‘Fragile’ offers excellent adhesion and does not peel off, even when exposed to adverse temperature changes. This ensures that boxes remain securely sealed and clearly marked during transport or long-term storage. The tape can be applied using a dispenser, making application even easier and more efficient. Sealing and labelling the package simultaneously saves time, as well as the cost of additional warning labels. In the order description, please specify the desired background and printing colours. We are able to apply any Pantone colour. The advantage of these printed tapes is that we already have the necessary printing dies, so the customer does not have to bear the additional costs associated with their design and manufacture. We offer printing on PVC, Hot Melt propylene, and Solvent polypropylene tapes. We sell rolls in 48 and 50 mm widths and in lengths of 54, 60, 66, 120, and 132 m.

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