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Tape printed with the word ‘Gesperrt’ is used wherever sensitive goods are shipped or to mark off a specific area. This is an extremely useful tool that communicates to the surrounding area the proper treatment of a package or a place where entry is prohibited. The warning tape is used to prevent any insurance claim in the event that the goods reach the recipient damaged. It ensures optimum closure and labelling of the box, while also providing a warning message about sensitive items or documents. Warning tapes are usually available in contrasting colours so that the message can be seen from a distance.

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Warning tape with the word ‘Gesperrt’ offers strong adhesive properties professional and everyday use. Security tapes warn couriers of the importance of handling goods gently. In some cases, the use of such warning tapes is not only recommended, but actually required. High-quality adhesive tape with the word ‘Gesperrt’ is used when the transported goods must be labelled correctly. It guarantees greater security for shipments, helping ensure that goods are not damaged. Using such warning tape allows you to both seal and label packages. Tapes can be used to warn workers of potentially hazardous shipments.


With warning tape with the word ‘Gesperrt’, it is also possible to clearly mark off an area with restricted or prohibited access. Construction sites and other hazardous areas must be marked appropriately. The securing of excavations, marking off specific areas where work is carried out, or temporarily blocking a road requires the use of warning tapes. This type of tape allows you to mark off specific road construction sites quickly and efficiently, so works can move along smoothly. Rolls are available in various lengths, so even large areas can be marked off.


Warning tape with the word ‘Gesperrt’ offers excellent adhesive strength as well as resistance to weather conditions. This makes the warning tape suitable for marking objects and spaces both indoors and outdoors. It adheres very well to a wide range of surfaces. It can be applied to foil, boxes, and pallets. Warning tape with the word ‘Gesperrt’ also features contrasting colours, which are clearly visible even from a long distance.
When buying tape with a specific inscription, the background and printing colours must be specified in the order description. We offer printing in any Pantone colour. We have ready-to-use printing dies for these tapes. As a result, our customers do not have to pay an extra fee to prepare the die. We offer printing on PVC, Hot Melt propylene, and Solvent polypropylene tapes, depending on customer preference. Rolls are available in 48 and 50 mm widths, as well as the following lengths: 54, 60, 66, 120, and 132 m.