H-11 tape dispenser

The H-11 hand-held dispenser is a must for all sealing and packaging applications. The machine is suitable for 50 mm wide rolls of tape. It is equipped with a comfortable handle and a special brake that regulates the tension of the tape. The dispenser is economical, providing increased work efficiency and taping precision. Its reinforced construction is a guarantee of reliability and durability. It works well both in warehouses and at home. The H-11 tape dispenser makes the packaging process considerably easier and faster at the same time. What’s more, changing the rollers in the dispenser should not pose any problems at all.

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The H-11 tape dispenser is used to apply tape up to 50 mm wide. It is equipped with a cutting blade and a special pressure pad for easy application. Thanks to special dispenser mechanisms, you can adjust the tension of the adhesive backing and dispense exactly as much tape as you need.


The H-11 plastic dispenser is comfortable to hold, making the feeder mechanism significantly easier to work with. What sets it apart is its ease of use and high durability. Its low weight makes it easy on the wrist. Even when used for hours, the dispenser does not cause discomfort. Its centre of gravity and well-balanced proportions make it easy to work with. The dispenser keeps the tape under constant tension while making it easy to peel off the surface. The reinforced design of the H-11 tape dispenser guarantees its reliability and durability. Additional advantages of the device include its functionality and ergonomic shape. Replacing the tape in the dispenser is quick and trouble-free.


The high quality of the H-11 tape dispenser meets the needs of even the most demanding customers. The use of H-11 plastic tape feeder mechanism significantly speeds up work, increasing efficiency and user comfort. The H-11 plastic tape dispenser is most often used for sealing packages. It is an indispensable tool for wrapping both individual boxes and bulk packaging.