H-75 tape dispenser

The H-75 adhesive tape dispenser guarantees an optimised and accelerated taping process. The product is made of plastic and is additionally equipped with a special cap, holding the roller in one place. The device is distinguished by its sturdy construction and is equipped with a brake which regulates the tension of the tape. The design of the dispenser also includes an ergonomic handle, which makes it comfortable to use and does not strain the user’s wrists. This dispenser model is designed to dispense all kinds of tapes in a roll not exceeding 75 mm in width. It makes sealing boxes efficient and comfortable.

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The H-75 plastic tape dispenser is designed for tapes with a maximum width of 75 mm. The device is easy to use and extremely convenient. The high-quality H-75 plastic tape dispenser offers efficient application of tape and thus the optimisation of processes in various industries.


The H-75 tape dispenser has a built-in brake, which makes it possible to adjust the degree of tape tension. This undoubtedly makes taping faster and easier. The dispenser mechanism allows the user to cut the tape without using cutting tools. Thanks to its additional teeth, cutting the tape off at the desired point is much easier. The device is ergonomically designed and does not strain the user’s hand and wrist. The dispenser is made of high-quality plastic. It is equipped with a special pressure pad that holds the tape in place. With the additional pressure applied by the dispenser itself, the tape adheres to the surface much better. The H-75 plastic dispenser is completely safe to use, with the special design of the blade preventing injuries. The plastic tape dispenser is convenient to use and takes up little space. It can be stored, for example, in a drawer.


Thanks to the precise taping of individual components, the H-75 tape dispenser significantly improves the durability of packaging. It facilitates the product packaging by enabling precise yet rapid application. It is extremely efficient to work with. The device is best suited for use at home, in the office, at the warehouse, and by shipping companies and logistics centres. It makes sealing packages and boxes smooth and comfortable.