MT-2 tape dispenser

The MT-2 tape dispenser is designed for automatic feeding of adhesive tapes with a maximum width of 50 mm. Its purpose is to speed up the sealing process and thus increase productivity. It is an easy-to-use, professional device used for packing tapes. It has a soft, yet ergonomic handle that won’t strain your wrists. The MT-2 tape dispenser is an innovative and practical solution that is a must-have for warehouses. Not only does it make it easy to apply the tape, but it also measures the right amount and cuts it off in one motion.

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The MT-2 metal dispenser is suitable for feeding adhesive tape with a maximum diameter of 50 mm. It is a very handy and easy-to-use feeder mechanism, designed to accelerate the taping of surfaces of any size.


The MT-2 tape dispenser is a very solid and durable device, made of metal and heavy-duty plastic. The material used is highly resistant to mechanical damage and performs well even in harsh environments. The modern design of the MT-2 tape dispenser allows the tape to be locked inside and prevents it from unrolling. The ergonomic rubberised handle ensures a firm grip and better working efficiency. The dispenser also does not strain the wrists during prolonged work. The machine is equipped with an adjustable brake, a safety blade, and a clamp that prevents the tape from retracting during use. The MT-2 tape dispenser is easy to use, with the tape applied in one easy motion. The tape tension adjustment enables trouble-free feeding, even with tape that is easily unwound. The sharp teeth of the dispenser quickly cut the tape in one motion.


The MT-2 metal tape dispenser is designed for professionals who value product reliability. Its feeder mechanism allows you to accurately measure the required tape length needed to secure a load. It is perfect for packing goods in online shops, warehouses, wholesalers or logistics centres.