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Paper painter’s tape is an essential product when carrying out any renovation work, especially when painting walls. It may also prove necessary during other construction work. Thanks to its special structure, painter’s tape does not absorb moisture yet makes it difficult for paint to run off the surface. It is useful for creating different patterns, painting even lines, and separating paint colours. The product can also be used to protect the floor, making it easier to secure the surface with plastic sheeting. When torn, the tape does not damage the surface and leaves no adhesive residue.

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Paper painter's tape is an easy-to-use and universal product that is indispensable during renovation work. It is made of yellow paper. It is a useful accessory when painting, but can also be used for other construction work. Paper painter's tape is invaluable when working on both homes and commercial properties. The application of this product is very fast and effective. Paper painter's tape can be purchased in five available widths: 19, 25, 30, 38, and 48 mm, as well as two lengths - 22 and 50 m.

Key product features

A synthetic rubber adhesive layer ensures that paper painter's tape adheres to most smooth surfaces. The paper, which is only 75 µm thick, is easily torn by hand, without cutters or scissors. That makes it quick and easy to use. Thanks to the use of synthetic rubber-based adhesive in the tape, the product is resistant to temperatures as high as 60 °C. Paper painter's tape is also distinguished by its excellent adhesion to various surfaces, including wooden and metal materials. It is a professional masking tape that excellently marks off and protects surfaces during painting. It allows you to keep surfaces even and clean, without leaving a residue. Paper painter's tape does not absorb water and protects the taped surface from dripping paint. The product performs best during the first 12 months of storage. Keep rolls of tape out of sunlight and other sources of UV radiation. The recommended temperature range for storage is 10 to 25 °C. The paper tape should be stored at an ambient humidity between 20 and 80%. The product does not contain any hazardous or unhealthy substances and is manufactured in compliance with the European Packaging Directive.


  • it is designed for masking surfaces during painting, varnishing, and other repair and construction works,
  • used to protect the surfaces inside a building,
  • used to achieve an even cut-off line and to protect skirting boards and door and window frames from dripping paint,
  • useful for car repairs as well as household and office work.

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