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Warning tape with the word ‘Bruchgefahr’ is designed for the German market. It is used for sealing boxes, marking packages, and securing pallets. The product provides greater safety during the transport of goods, protecting against breakage and damage to the contents of packages. Labelling shipments to Germany with ‘Bruchgefahr’ tape sends a clear message to the shipping company. At the same time, it ensures that shipments are handled in an appropriate manner so as to deliver fragile goods to their destination safely. Warning tape is also useful during removals and to protect goods in storage.

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Fragile items are particularly sensitive to damage during transport. Shocks or the weight of other goods can cause significant damage to the shipment. The tape with the German inscription ‘Bruchgefahr’ is ideal in these cases. Correctly labelling a shipment is important because those involved in the transport must take note of the contents. It is in the interest of both the seller and the buyer that the goods arrive at their destination intact.


Warning tape with the word ‘Bruchgefahr’ is visible from a distance and thus draws attention to itself. By securing a package with tape bearing this German inscription, you can be sure that it won’t be thrown about. Treating an appropriately labelled package with care can minimise the risk of damage during shipping. Warning tapes can be used to seal boxes, envelopes, and foil. Because they convey a clear message, they allow goods to be labelled in the best possible way. ‘Bruchgefahr’ tape guarantees that the products will be transported from A to B undamaged. Warning tape is not only useful in the commercial sector, but can also be very helpful when moving house. In those cases, it is crucial that personal belongings arrive safely at their new location. This tape is especially useful when a removals company is handling the process- its employees will receive information about the fragile content of the carton.


Our warning tapes printed with ‘Bruchgefahr’ are distinguished by their resistance to atmospheric conditions, which means that they will retain their properties even in the rain or snow. In addition, they are easy to use, tear-resistant and, thanks to good adhesive strength, stay in place for a long time. They stick just as well as normal adhesive tapes, but warn against sensitive contents with contrasting colours and bold lettering. When ordering tape with printed text, please specify the background and printing colours in the order description. We are able to apply any Pantone colour. We also have pre-prepared printing dies so that our customers do not incur additional design costs. We offer printing on PVC, Hot Melt propylene, and Solvent polypropylene tapes. Printed tapes are available in 48 and 50 mm widths and 54, 60, 66, 120 and 132 m lengths.

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