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The ‘Caution – do not throw’ tape is designed for sealing packages with fragile contents. When placed on the package, this will send a clear message to the courier that the packages should be handled with care. With such labelling, anyone responsible for transporting or storing the packages will be aware of their fragile contents. There is then an increased chance that such a package will be delivered without damage. The tape adheres very well to foil, paper, and cardboard and is resistant to moisture and external factors. The sender can be assured that information about the special handling of the shipment will remain on the shipment until it reaches the recipient.

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Packing tape with a printed warning is ideal for taping boxes, paper, foil, and other materials. It is used for marking and securing transported goods. It is most commonly used in the transport sector. The ‘Caution - do not throw’ label is designed for packages with fragile contents. It's the perfect way to protect the contents of your package from being thrown around and from being mistreated by delivery personnel. They can’t miss the warning printed on the outside of the package.


Tapes with printed warnings have a very wide range of applications, as they offer high quality at a reasonable price. Printed packing tapes are mainly used for the manual and automatic sealing of boxes. They work very well in all tape dispensers. A warning tape with the inscription ‘Caution - do not throw’ informs the carrier as well as the recipient that the package should be handled with care. Its use makes it easy to communicate the contents of the package. This type of tape guarantees that delicate objects (such as glass, ceramics, or electronics) will be protected against damage. Packing tapes with the printed warning ‘Caution - do not throw’ give a clear and conspicuous message. They are durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions and adhere very well to various surfaces. The print is sufficiently visible, even from a distance.


Warning tapes are an easy way to tell those responsible for transporting or delivering a package that they should maintain high handling standards. This sort of tape can be used not only on boxes with delicate contents, but also on flammable goods in transit. Such labelling helps ensure the items being transported stay safe and secure. Importantly, in many cases, take with the words ‘Caution - do not throw’ may prevent situations that pose a danger to people. In addition, adhesive tapes with printed warnings are used during removals to transport furniture and other fragile items. Tape with a message such as ‘Caution - do not throw’ also helps inform delivery staff. It is also often used when storing goods.