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Tape with the words ‘Caution – glass’ is primarily used to protect goods from damage during transport. It enables packers to close boxes efficiently while informing couriers and warehouse workers of the glass contents. Properly marking and sealing a shipment containing glass items will ensure that the goods reach the recipient intact. Tape with this type of inscription is most often used by mail order businesses. This way, the shipper can be sure that the box containing fragile goods will be properly protected and labelled.

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Both the sender and recipient know what is in the package. The most important thing, however, is that the courier who picks up the package and transports it to the right address knows what they are handling. Shippers who send many packages of various sizes want to make sure that they reach their final destination intact. Most often, damage to packages occurs during transit, which not only reduces confidence in the sender, but also creates additional costs. That’s why the proper securing and labelling of shipments is so important during transport.


Packing tape printed with ‘Caution - glass’ is ideal for companies that sell glass products. This message is primarily intended for the shipping company. It informs everyone involved of the content of the shipment and how it should be handled. Tape with the warning label ‘Caution - glass’ allows boxes containing glass products to be packed and sealed efficiently. Packing tapes are characterised above all by their effective adhesion, meaning that a box sealed with tape will provide excellent protection for glassware during shipping. The tapes work very well on both glued cardboard and other surfaces, such as foil. These products are used to mark shipments during transport or storage. The highly visible colours allow you to provide clear instructions on how to handle the goods. Printed packing tapes are produced on strong films or paper, depending on customer needs. They allow for quick and easy placement of handling instructions.


A simple warning message sends a clear signal to anyone who may come across the package. Packing tapes with printed warnings are used in many industries. They are used both in online shops as well as warehouses and logistics centres. The tape, printed with the message ‘Caution - glass’, serves as a warning but also as information. Its use is not limited to shipments in transit. Adhesive tapes with the printed warning ‘Caution - glass’ are useful when marking products in warehouse, during removals, and when storing various items.

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