Package aesthetics are of utmost importance in the e-commerce industry. Custom printed tapes are an indispensable accessory for companies that sell by mail order. They make excellent carriers of content while becoming a marketing tool. Wrapping a carton with custom printed tape helps increase brand reach and deliver your message to a broader audience. Securing your shipment with individually printed packing tape reflects your company's professional approach to protecting the products you ship and, by extension, the recipient of your shipment.


Adhesive tapes are products applicable to both businesses and households. Print on self-adhesive tapes can be used for package labeling and informing about fragile content. Packing tapes are manufactured on various substrates using a variety of adhesive media. High-quality custom printed tape is a guarantee of safe package transportation. Its properties ensure that the package will not be damaged and will reach the recipient intact. Custom printed tapes are exceptionally durable. Strong adhesive and high bond strength ensure that the tape does not peel off and the parcel contents are adequately protected. Resistance to atmospheric conditions and mechanical damage gives the shipper the certainty that the package will not open during transport or storage.


Custom printed packing tapes help protect your shipment and its contents during transport and storage. Their function, however, is not only limited to protecting the contents of a package. Storing goods often requires quick identification of the packaging. Custom printed tapes make it easier to find a particular package, significantly improving work ergonomics. Overprints that present a logo, contact information, or convey an individual message to the consumer play a huge role in building brand awareness. Using such promotional materials allows the company to stand out and gain recipients’ trust. A package secured in such a way makes the name of your brand stick in the customer's mind. Custom printed tape allows you to personalize your shipment. As a result, standard cardboard packaging takes on a unique, individual character.


Nowadays, running a business involves caring about your brand image. This allows you to gain customers' trust and effectively generate additional profits. Printed tapes are an impressive and simple way to showcase a company's visual identity. TCM Service offers a wide range of packing tapes and the possibility to create a custom printed tape to stand out from the competition. You can design your custom tape using our dedicated tool (creator) available on the TCM Service website. Custom printed tapes are available in many different colors, and the print color can be modified according to the Pantone palette. In addition, printing on paper, PVC, PP, and Solvent packing tapes is possible.