Protective polyethylene film

Polyethylene protective foil is an indispensable element during all construction and renovation works. It helps protect windows and window sills. The product is resistant to cracking and tearing, which is thanks to the raw material used in its production – polyethylene. In addition, the film is waterproof, flexible, and therefore extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. The acrylic adhesive ensures that no marks are left on the surface after removing the film.

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Polyethylene protective films have excellent technical specifications. They are distinguished by their high adhesive strength. They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and in a wide variety of working environments. They are used for temporary protection against dirt during renovation and construction works. Polyethylene protective film guarantees efficient processes and cost savings. The product is widely used in many industries, including construction. Three widths are available as standard - 125, 250, and 500 mm. Polyethylene protective film can be purchased in rolls of 30 or 100 m in length.

Key product features

The protective film is manufactured from a damage-resistant polyethylene film with a thickness of 40 µm. The product is coated with a special acrylic adhesive that allows clean and easy removal of the film after application. Polyethylene protective film bonds quickly to a wide range of surfaces. The acrylic adhesive guarantees good adhesion. The product is resistant to stretching and highly resistant to moisture. The highest quality of foil and the use of acrylic adhesive guarantee that no traces will be left after peeling the foil off. Polyethylene protective film can also be used outdoors due to its excellent resistance to sunlight (lasting up to 60 days). It is a simple yet convenient way to protect surfaces from dirt and mechanical damage and is highly resistant to abrasion. Polyethylene protective film performs best during the first 12 months of storage. We recommend that the rolls of tape be stored indoors, away from prolonged exposure to sunlight or other sources of UV radiation. The product should be stored at temperatures between 10 and 25 °C, with ambient humidity between 20 and 80%. The product is completely safe for the environment and contains no hazardous substances. It is manufactured in accordance with the European Packaging Directive.


  • used to protect surfaces when carrying out construction work,
  • used to protect many a diverse range of surfaces, such as window sills, carpets, and stairs,
  • useful for protecting surfaces during assembly, storage, handling, and transport,
  • can be used outdoors.