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Safety tapes are extremely useful in securing areas that may pose a risk to people. They usually come in red and white or yellow and black, which further increases their visibility, even from a distance. They can be used to mark both moving objects and obstacles – excavations or construction sites. Safety tapes are very often used for marking traffic routes, but they are also used to mark production facilities, machines, and other equipment. This is a very popular and cost-effective solution to protect against potential hazards.

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In some situations, it is necessary to mark areas where there may be a hazard, where emergency services are operating, or where construction and renovation work is taking place. Safety tapes are products that we all encounter on a daily basis. They make it easy to mark and organise space, and are also useful for emergencies. Non-adhesive warning tapes can often be found on bollards, posts, or poles to warn passers-by of potential hazards. This type of tape is very economical. It is simple to install on any trees or poles in the area. Safety tapes are made of durable materials and are resistant to damage and atmospheric conditions. That means they can stand up to the wind and to abrasion and corrosion.


Safety tapes are used wherever it is necessary to block off a specific area and to provide information on potential hazards or construction works. They are primarily used to clearly mark hazardous areas, including construction sites, excavations, and areas with restricted access. They are often used to mark traffic routes, production halls, machines, and equipment. They are ideal for temporary road markings, or for quick marking off certain ares in warehouses and workplaces. Safety tapes come in a choice of two colours - white and red or yellow and black.


Red and white safety tape is used when you need to temporarily secure an area against unauthorised entry. These are most often road works, excavations, and certain public spaces. These types of tapes are also used to cordon off smaller areas around potential hazards, such as excavations and open manholes. Red and white tape is also often seen at large events. It is also often used in car parks and other areas with restricted access. Just like the red and white tape, the yellow and black safety tape is used for a wide range of applications. Yellow and black tape is used to mark construction sites, excavations, and open manholes. It is indispensable wherever you need to warn passers-by of a hazard.