Hochempfendliche Elektrogeräte

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The tape with the inscription ‘Hochempfendliche Elektrogeräte’ is used to mark equipment and spaces wherever special care should be taken. It is most often used in areas where there is a potential risk of electric shock. Our printed tapes are made of the best quality materials. In most cases, the background and text are printed in contrasting colours to provide a visual warning signal. Warning tapes with the inscription ‘Hochempfendliche Elektrogeräte’ adhere excellently to various surfaces and are resistant to external factors. They allow goods to be sealed and labelled simultaneously.

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Damage to goods during transport is usually costly, especially as the sender is also responsible for safe delivery. When sending electrical appliances, it is a good idea to mark your packaging with warning tape with the inscription ‘Hochempfendliche Elektrogeräte’. This message will ensure that the shipment of sensitive equipment is handled appropriately. If the goods to be shipped are labelled incorrectly, the transport company will not be responsible for any damage caused by improper handling. Any damage caused during transport may result not only in customer dissatisfaction, but also - if it happens often - in damage to the seller’s reputation. In order to avoid having to compensate for damaged packages, appropriate packaging must be used, in addition to warning tape. If the packaging is marked with a tape that says "Hochempfendliche Elektrogeräte", the person responsible for its storage and transport is immediately aware that it must be protected from unnecessary shocks. This ensures professional handling of the shipment, guaranteeing that the recipient will receive it intact. Furthermore, sealing the box with warning tape simultaneously secures it and protects it from improper handling, thus streamlining the entire process. Special care is also required when handling highly sensitive electrical equipment. Marking equipment with such warning tape protects users and the environment from danger.


The contrasting colours of the warning tape make it impossible to miss the message it contains, even from a distance. The printed tape is tear-resistant and easy to unwind. It is suitable for all commercially available heavy-duty boxes. The tape with the inscription ‘Hochempfendliche Elektrogeräte’ is characterised by excellent durability and adhesive properties.


When buying printed tapes, please specify the background and printing colours in the order description. We are able to modify the text freely, using any Pantone colour. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we do not charge an additional fee for the printing die itself, which significantly reduces the total cost of the order. We offer warning German-language printing on PVC, Hot Melt propylene and Solvent polypropylene tapes. Tape rolls are available in 48 and 50 mm widths and 54, 60, 66, 120 or 132 m lengths.

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